getting saucy

I have realized the easiest way to make a recipe look:




is to add a sauce to it.

I’m not much of a cook, but to make A, my man, feel special (and to assure myself that he was eating more than popcorn), I decided to make him some nice, balanced dinners a few weekends ago.  We don’t get to see each other very often while I’m away at school, so I like to treat him well when I can, as well as force feed him vegetables.

The best thing about A is his enthusiasm with my cooking.  It could be awful, but he is always willing to  be a guinea pig.

Since it is fall, I decided to try to have some warm, hearty meals for him.

I cannot provide you any recipes, since I do not use them, so you’re going to have to settle for a menu.


chicken breast in honey mustard sauce over bacon

garlic butter saute green beans

baby red potatoes

tapioca pudding with mandarin oranges


pork chops in a root beer glaze with a side of honey crisp apples

butter herb noodles with peas (from a package!)

caramel swirl brownies

Now the sauces were basically just to taste, and turned out pretty well.

Honey mustard:

honey, mustard, sugar, lemon juice

Root beer:

brown sugar, root beer and mustard (to provide a little bite and keep it from being too sugary)

Both sauces were added to the meat while they were being cooked in a regular pan.  Allowing them to soak up the sauces made the meat tender and delicious!

And there are no leftovers, so it must have been fairly successful.

Until the next domestic adventure



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