My sister-in-law works at a large box store, where she often shops for large quantities and therefore gets large discounts.

Yesterday was one of those days.

As A and I are long distance, and he is holding up the more domestic side of things while I live in my closet at college, eating whatever is prepared for me and showering with the spores of everyone else, he alerted me to our exciting new acquisition.


Now, this may not be particularly exciting to many of you and you may think it is not worthy of the hefty capitalization.  However, this set is complete, matching and only a few years old.

I did not think I  would see Santorini, Greece by the age of 21.

I did not think I would have found my partner by the age of 21.

I did not think I would possess a matching set of ANYTHING at the age of 21.

This gorgeous twelve inch skillet, capable armada of three saucepans, massive stir fry skillet and all the accompanying lids is all mine.  FOR FREE.  (My sister-in-law bought a new set for herself, you see.)

This is thrilling for several reasons, not the least of which is I do not have to spend any money.  (I use my hair suds from shampooing as shaving cream because I am just. that. cheap.)

These pots and pans are also a larger symbol of how far A and I have come.  This is a huge step into being independent and providing for ourselves, with a lovely Teflon coating.

Also, this set contains the vessels I used to learn how to cook.  For as long as this set holds out, I will be reminded of my humble culinary beginnings, and the start of our love–bumbling around the kitchen together and learning how it feels to start a new life.

Pretty deep for some pots.

Off to write a sonnet to this cookware:



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