prozac, doppler radar, nightlights and me: on turning twenty-two.

All of you anxious stormchasers that are afraid of the dark have reason to celebrate the year 1988.  For me, it just marks the year of my  birth–on November 30 to be exact.

A twenty-second birthday is not much to write home about, per se.  I can drink, watch dirty movies, smoke, gamble and do all other debaucherous activities (limited to renting a car … damn). However this birthday was quite special as it was the first time I was able to celebrate one with a legitimate significant other.

I thought I would have to wait until this weekend to raise the roof, if you will, however my sensational other half had other plans.

After Googling “how to decorate studio apartments” for a hefty amount of time, I finally snuggled into bed with my book.  After a few pages I get a text from my lovely, nicotine-addicted college pal who was outside having one of her nightly smoke breaks.

It read:

“The dome light in A’s car is on.”

I was puzzled.  And replied:

“A is in Wisconsin … ?”

To which she cunningly responded:

“Whoops!  Wrong number!”

As my windows are always open to help diffuse the enchanting smell of old beef that permeates my dorm room, I heard some tittering below my third floor abode and peeked out to see what the commotion was about.

Aforementioned texting friend then starts backtracking her story and randomly blabbering on to me, the entirety of my residence hall and the chilly November evening to explain her obtuse text messages.  At this point I was amused by her stories and insistent that she had merely mistaken his car for someone else’s.

At that very moment: A burst in through my dorm room to wish me a happy birthday, minutes before midnight.

Needless to say I screamed (very loudly for the hour it was), started to cry (as is my custom) and could barely stand due to delighted and utterly surprised full-body shaking.  If A had not anticipated this reaction, he probably would have thought I was epileptic.

The next day A gave me my gift.  Although we have been dating just under a year, he has proven himself as a stellar gift giver.  This occasion was no exception.

A presented me with a magical growing kit for beautiful amaryllis bulbs.  The lovely ceramic pot, fascinating potting soil that grew ten-fold in just a few minutes and beautiful flowers to come are the perfect gift to remind me of him and our growing romance in these last two weeks of college I have to endure.

This entire experience has cemented my belief in this man and our relationship. I am amazed at  the thoughtful planning that went in to arranging this wonderful surprise.  He makes me feel so special and provides extraordinary moments to even the most uneventful of milestones.

The Amaryllis bulbs will be beautiful in the coming weeks as they continue to grow and blossom, against the backdrop of our new apartment–simply because flowers are inherently lovely.  However  the gorgeous blooms to come will not only continue to represent this precious present, but also our blooming love that shall continue to flower.

I may have purchased a lottery ticket on my 18 birthday and had an obnoxious amount to drink for my 21st, but my 22nd brought me a love that grows–and that is something to celebrate.

Until next time:



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