happy new year!

So I suppose the title is considered late.  Or maybe early?  Perhaps surprising or mysterious!   …. or just showing I have been lazy.

Regardless, I am back to take the vital signs of my goals for the New Year, six weeks after their official start date.  The goals were made in an inspired moment right before bed, while still at college.  I have not looked at them since that night in early December, so we shall see if they are reeking of collegiate hopes and dreams, or are remotely attainable.

Resolution Analysis/Rude Bazooka Slap of Reality!

1. Get more exercise.

Lame. Ordinary.  Mostly a failure.  Will make a conscious effort to schlep up the stairs more often.

2. Get a kitty!

kitty AND laundry! goal-smashing brigade.

ACHIEVED!  Toona joined our family on Jan. 13 after a serendipitous visit to the local humane society who was having a helluva deal on kitties.  We love him.  He is spoiled.  Now we just have to break him of his weird eating phases.  First, resident plant life.  Next–plastic.  Currently:  twisty-ties, which he insists on transporting into his bowl, further compounding his insistence that they are food.

3. Learn a new hobby/find one we can do together.

This one has been in the crock pot for a while, especially after watching “Julie and Julia” last summer and needing to answer the interview question “What do you like to do in your spare time?” with something more than ” ….. buh … watch terrible television?”  One lovely sister-in-law of mine got me a knitting kit for Christmas … should soon approach that stealthily, while offering my hindquarters to its superior wills.  Stay tuned.

As for our couple’s hobby, this one has to wait until the springtime, but we are looking into geocaching.  Interestingly enough, A suggested this without knowing of my list of goals.  Fiddle dee dee, soulmates.    Furthermore,  we live in a beautiful area and are excited to explore it.  Also hoping to get A into volunteer work … wish me luck with that one.

4.  Cook more than eating at restaurants.

This one was obviously brewed while gazing at my tottering piles of Easy Mac, held up with emergency Pop-Tarts and the last of a crumpled bag from Hardee’s as the garnish on top.  Happy to say I have greatly expanded my cooking repertoire, including some courageous sausage experimentation.  SUCCESS!

5. Be content with a job.

“Content” is vague.  I suppose I wish my current position was more rewarding, but I appreciate doing honest work, and being able to turn my brain O-F-F.  Coming home and leaving it behind for several blissful hours is a wonderful feeling.   So I’m still looking (and have some promising prospects!).  Not exactly “content”, but it could be worse–I could still be phone-prostituting myself to borderline verbally abusive alumni.

6. Read one new book a month.

As we live only a block and a half away from the main library and I need SOMETHING to do while A guns down Cubans with his dorky headphones on I can report, BOOKS … ANNIHILATED!

7. Travel to one new place.

No plans for this one yet, but I’m hoping for a mini road trip in warmer weather.  I would be thrilled to not see another airport after last spring’s life-shortening experiences, so perhaps exploring Galena or Duluth is in our future?

8. Be more aware of my finances

I have become Little Miss Eagle-Eye-Coupon-Clipper-Receipt-Filer-Hot-Deals-in-My-Crosshairs.  We just set up our 401k and basic budget and have some small savings plans in place …. not to toot my own horn.  *TOOT!*

9. Be more tidy.

Anyone who knows me would probably think I suffer from multiple personalities in the time it takes me to get dressed–seemingly trying on as many outfits as four people would need, while gleefully flinging the unlucky options as if I had a cotton-blend catapult.  However, I am the proud owner of Lysol and a toilet brush and routinely am the girl in the elevator with a bag of freshly scooped Toona terrorism.  PROGRESSING!

10. Control temper and only direct at those deserving

……   work in progress.  Sorry honey.


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