thrifty. frugal. resourceful. really damn wise.

Just don’t call me cheap.

A recently found this out while doing some necessities-plus shopping for our studio apartment.

“Baby, I love that you’re so cheap,” he innocently crooned in the fabric softener aisle–after which I immediately turned into a cornered wolverine of indignance.

“THRIFTY!”   I roared.

So I decided to impart some of my crafty and inexpensive uses that I have come up with through my short little life, and also that have come about in my new domesticated life.

1. Shampoo shaving cream

I am rabidly dedicated to matching shampoo and conditioner sets while showering.  However inevitably, the conditioner never stretches as far over my thick locks, therefore leaving shampoo without its partner, lonesome in the shower as a new duo enters the scene.  Therefore, I have learned to use the leftover shampoo as shaving cream!  It is meant to give you smooth hair and a decent lather, so why not use it for shaving?  This way I can introduce the new shampoo/conditioner combo without guilt, while still putting the leftover hair product for good use.

2. Kitty toys … fo free!

When Toona first entered our home, A was frantic that he was not playing enough.  “HE NEEDS TO BE STIMULATED AND HAVE INTERACTION!” he insisted.  After buying a few stuffed mice and catnip (and utilizing the lovely care package from the humane society we adopted him from) the effect was never long lasting.  However, we discovered a cheap alternative that offers spontaneous, interactive play-time for our lovely boy: twist-ties.  The same that come along with bread packages or offered at the grocery stores for your produce.  Try it for the precious feline in your life–and watch them bury it, carry it, and otherwise delight participants and observers alike.

3. Banishment of the little swinging trees

This is more of a mandate from A as opposed to a personal frugality choice.  While I have a special place in my heart for air fresheners for the car, A instead insists that we put sheets the likes of Bounce in strategic places in one’s vehicle, including hidden underneath plastic compartments in the center console and near the lower air vents.  This helps circulate fresh and fragrant air and not make you look like a complete lunatic in the process.  So, in homage to my beloved–here’s tip #4.  I will miss the Leather scent from Yankee Candle, but it’s a cheap and effective alternative.

4.  My little red obsession

I admit I have no idea what the popular commercials are currently or what movies are playing now.  We do not subscribe to cable TV, and instead rely only on Netflix.  This is an outrageously economical and logical option for anyone who enjoys television or movies.  Commercial-free and practically unlimited, for only a $10 a month for direct streaming to the TV and new releases to our mailbox every few days.  I don’t understand why anyone would still have cable, which can often offer a wasteland of choices, interrupted by an infuriating stampede of commercials.  While I do miss some of the shows that are too new for Netflix and all sporting events, this offers autonomy, diversity and new discoveries–along with as much “Say Yes to the Dress” as I can stomach.

5.  Community love

This is not a new phenomenon by any means, but it is one that I rely on constantly.  By tapping in to the offerings in your community, you can take in so many cheap or free services.  We currently are active participants in the library, which is located only a block and a half from our residence and hope to volunteer at the community garden in the spring–free produce!  We have also taken in the light parade in the winter season and wandered around car shows for entertainment, cost free.  And for someone who is crafty, resourceful, wallet-aware, thrifty, or money-conscious, that’s the best price.  Just don’t call me cheap.

And for a refreshing change of pace–next time, I shall share what I actually DO swallow my penny-pinching pride and spend money on.



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