sure, I may wash and re-use Ziploc bags ….

But there ARE a few things I will spend money on.

The counterpart to my Feb. 22 post seen here, I promised to also include the few things I actually do splurge on.

1. I’m a sucker for that sometimes disturbing little bear

While growing up, I never knew the wonders of liquid fabric softener.  My mother is the type to tear dryer sheets into fifths before placing them in the dryer, so the luxury of liquid softener was a mystery until … last fall.

I am not kidding.

After several months of dating A, I sheepishly asked him the secret to his impossibly soft and heavenly smelling clothing.  It was like he had woven angels gagged with lavender into each of his undershirts. While  always packing a suitcase for weekends with him, I usually ended up in one of his old t-shirts.

As has become customary in our relationship, A looked at me as if I had just beamed down and replied, “uhhhnhhhhhuhhh ….. fabric softener?”

This eloquent reply opened a new, deliciously scented future for me and my laundry.  While it is entirely unnecessary and a complete splurge, there is nothing better than snuggling in to a well-worn and fragrant t-shirt, either on him or on me.


Since our neighbor upstairs insists on the Elmer Fudd “LET’S SMOKE ‘EM OUT!” approach to apartment etiquette, I have become fanatical about the scent of our own living space.  Living with a smoker for my entire life, I have made it a personal crusade to become an anti-odor warrior in our tiny abode.  From shoving “odor eliminating fresh cotton scented” air fresheners in our electrical sockets to placing ubiquitous glass jars of candles in the bathroom (where our nasty neighbor apparently likes to lie on the floor and blow smoke rings into our vent), deodorizing the carpets and spritzing fabric refreshers on the sofa — our place smells damn good.

Eat it, Captain Puffy the Carcinogen Laced Tenant.

3. Spoiled Rotten Fuzzy Child

When we decided to adopt Toona, you would have expected us to be preparing for a priceless superbreed to be entering our apartment.

In reality, he is a lovable stray, bought on sale, who is completely worth the $15 a month.

But the splurging did not end with our rent.  When preparing for the arrival of Toona, we bought organic cat grass, fancy cat food with the correct percentage of crude protein, safe and scientifically proven NO ODOR kitty litter, wet food (given on Sundays as a treat and to stave off urine crystals) and plenty of treats and toys to supplement his diet and growing intellect.

He is expensive, but well loved, hilarious, beautiful and hasn’t killed us yet.  But if he steps in my ear at 1 a.m. one more time …

So there you have it.  A tiny list of the things I will actually spend money on.  While not as extensive as the other collection, these are things that make me feel like I am providing a good (and nicely smelling) home for our family.  And while pricey shoes, manicures or regular lattes does not appear on this list (and probably never will) , I think that is just a sign of growing up.



2 thoughts on “sure, I may wash and re-use Ziploc bags ….

  1. Jessica Moger June 6, 2011 / 1:07 am

    I also JUST discovered the wonders of liquid fabric softener (lavender being the choice of this girl as well). I’ll never be the same…definitely splurge-worth material 🙂

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