dull girl: my quest for hobby

As I mentioned in my post about goals for 2011, I am in desperate need of a hobby.

I read!  A insists that doesn’t count.

I watch really awful television!  Not something to use as small talk.

I adapt recent radio hits to include my cat’s name and/or personality!  Would probably get me on a list.

I thought my lack of hobbies/failure to be interesting came to a boiling point of mediocrity when I got to know my two new sisters-in-law.  OH THE CRAFTING!

But I realized their unending talents paled in comparison to last week’s cry for help:

“hobbies for my girlfriend” , typed into a Google search.

We have had this conversation so many times it’s almost as frequent as, “don’t forget deodorant before work!” and “WHY DON’T YOU CARE THAT TOONA IS SLEEPING ALL THE TIME!?!?  HE COULD HAVE CONO!” (cat mono?)

It usually ends with me defending the pathetic things I do to take up time and him parading out the unused skeins of yarn I have attempted to hide, in shame.  (For the sake of full disclosure, I couldn’t even unroll the skein myself.  He did it for me after I managed to cover our couch in yarn, entwine Toona and myself and eventually huffed off defeated.

So therefore I hope to chart my TRIUMPHS (and failures) but more importantly my quest to finally find something I enjoy more than pestering the cat.

“I whip my tail back and forth!”

First off, KNITTING!  I will conquer!


2 thoughts on “dull girl: my quest for hobby

  1. Mom August 16, 2011 / 8:22 am

    I would suggest whittling but your brother almost took off a finger. Can you count cooking? sand art? sock puppets?

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