as techie as it gets over here … and it’s basically a corkboard

I recently stumbled over (because I’m not graceful enough to stumble upon) Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2011.  While technology usually escapes me (we are NOT getting a Roomba!), a few of the websites from the list stirred my feeble heart.

I basically use the Internet to stalk former middle/high school classmates to see if they’re pregnant, watch pandas on YouTube and occasionally blog to all four of you (hi!), but sometimes I get a wild hair and turn to cyberspace to inspire me.

As we are currently in the midst of decorating our apartment, and I am on a constant quest to revive my dormant feminine abilities, the web has been employed more and more to help me search for recipes, decorating tips for the increasingly stingy and knitting tutorials (boo hiss).  Thanks to the aforementioned article, I now have a way to organize all of my ideas and findings into one place.


The site is called Pinterest, (number 38 for those of you playing along) and they call themselves a “virtual pinboard”.  It’s a social network for people to “pin” what they find online onto “boards” made of collections of things they have discovered.  Members can also follow and view the boards of others to introduce themselves to endless sources of creative websites.

For everyone who has browsed the Internet and lost a special quote, funny picture or beautiful piece of clothing–this is for you.  Having one neat place to display everything you love and is interesting to you is fabulous, as well as convenient.  This site is the sleek cousin to the ‘ol Bookmark Bar on any browser, as it pairs helpful photos with your pins.  Use Pinterest to surround yourself with what inspires you, or to create a clean, cohesive home for articles, recipes, decorating ideas or any other thing you need in each of our multi-faceted and highly domestic lives.  (remembers Friday night carrot cake failure.)  Or something.

Another bonus!  If you have a prissy man like mine, who hates the endless stream of bookmarks I have added to his skimpy list when inspiration would strike regarding gardening or puppies or something else VERY MANLY, this will house your girly search items in a separate, and prettier, place–thus promoting relationship harmony.  (remembers four minutes ago when a slightly slappier than necessary love slap was slapped.)

Or something.

Thoughts?  Want to rave about my web find and crown me the Queen of Cyberspace?  Have you known about this website for years and I”m an old bag?

Let me have it.



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