like a pillow pet … but more delicious

Similarly to sporks, skorts and horses, some of the best things in life serve more than one function.

A new recipe I wandered past promises the same thing … cookie bowls!

This GENIUS manifestation of the ubiquitous cookie recipe is so obvious, and yet so easy and most importantly DELICIOUS.


1. Your favorite cookie recipe … I chose the classic Toll House chocolate chip.

2. A muffin tin

3. butter, shortening, greasing spray


1. Prepare the cookie recipe as directed.  The original URL I found the recipe on ( insists you use their products, but it is unnecessary. It may also be easier to use a cookie dough roll or break-and-bake dough from the grocery store … but, as you understand, I’m cheap.

2. Grease the back side of the muffin tin liberally. This is the convex side where no logical human has put any baked goods … UNTIL NOW.

3. Bake the cookies as per usual.  Then pop out the bowls when they’ve cooled.  Don’t worry … even if they break apart little or are a wee ugly … no one will tell once you fill them up with cookies, fresh fruit or bacon … whatever you choose.  THEY WILL, INSTEAD, BE AMAZED AT YOUR INGENUITY.

I don’t know why I never thought of this before, but it is perfection.  Eating ice cream out of a bowl made of COOKIES.  Do it now, seriously.


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