i just spent a day and a half garage sale-ing … and other signs i’m a coot.

On the rare occasion that I exit my apartment and witness others that are much more “with it” than I am, I realize that the world has become confusing and odd.

A few observations … please clear them up if you can.

1.  Why are females currently molting?  I keep seeing people with feathers in their hair, deliberately I think …

2. Someone please explain Nikki Minaj.  She frightens me.  Is she British?

3. If one more person discusses “Zumba” with me I’ll croak. I attempted an early morning walk the other day and the only thing I accomplished was greeting a 400-year-old man while he retrieved the paper clad only in his tiny underwears and then tripping on uneven sidewalk and sailing through the air like Superman.  Therefore, what is it? How is it pronounced?

4. What is a/the Dougie?  Noun or verb?  Animal, vegetable, mineral?

5. “Jersday”?

This is an open forum, comrades.  Please help each other through this scary time together … whether you are going blonde or not.

Are there still popular culture mysteries afoot?  Air your concerns.


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