it’s like having a baby! (kind of)

A dear friend of mine is a student teacher.  Thus, he is in a pickle.  Between the mandate that student teachers cannot have a job while teaching and the 50 mile, one way daily commute he is expected to drive, he was going to be clad in only a barrel in  no time.

This pal helped me through my first break-up and I permed his hair.  He’s a peach.

So we decided to open our guest room up to him, we shall call him “Mister”, as he IS a teacher-in-training.

Mister has agreed to tolerate our screaming Siamese kitty and not eat the last of my peanut butter, so we should be all set.

Unfortunately, said guest room looks like THIS:

old chairs, boxes A REFUSES to unpack, ridiculous midget closet ... WELCOME HOME MISTER!

New project … morphing this Beirut-esque, storage space and Toona sun room into a hospitable land for a growing boy.  And do so ON THE CHEAP.

I’m thinking a desk/table for his teacher-ly duties.  And more storage other than our sad, munchkin-appropriate closets.  OOOH!  AND CUTE CURTAINS.

Wish me luck.  And stay tuned for the finished product!


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