dull girl: task one UPDATE

As you all know, I have taken it upon myself to appear to be more interesting.

Also, dabbling in hobbies will apparently send my fiance into a ne’er before known state of domestic bliss.

Therefore, for the sake of household harmony, I have decided. to learn. TO KNIT.

The (slightly embarrassing) breakdown:


Day One, minutes later: Huff off to bed because I have tangled myself in the skein.  Whine uncontrollably at A to HELP ME. SOMETHING ISN’T WORKING AND THIS DAMN BOOK CLAIMS I CAN LEARN TO KNIT IN JUST! ONE! DAY! AND THAT IS BULL ROAR.  FIX IT.

He looks cornered and wisely remains silent.

Day Two: Return from work to see A happily knitting away.  Looks sheepish as I enter.  Offers that he learned how for ME! and would I like lessons?

Day Two, minutes later: I am hovering over jar of peanut butter, looking for domestic abilities in its crunchy contents.

Week Two: Toona uses yarn ball as pillow.

yarn master.

Week Three: I fire up some “Hoarders” and “Intervention” and sneak up on my prey.  After switching to a new skein (yeah! that’s the problem! GENIUS.) I bumble my way through the first step.  HIP THRUST.

Week Three, next day: Figure out the knit stitch.  Feel like running through the apartment sans pants.

Week Three, third day of knitting DOMINATION: realize I am making my creation WIDER not LONGER.


But triumphant!


One thought on “dull girl: task one UPDATE

  1. Whitney MF Tait September 16, 2011 / 11:09 pm

    Toon a is unamused with your picture taking!

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