engagement parties…-ish AKA an apology to my guests

Last weekend I had the pleasure of rounding up my family, family-to-be and friends-that-should-be-family for some “engagement parties.”

Why the quotes?  Well, the party was basically a chance for the two families to meet each other, eat and talk.

Which, apart from any introductions, is basically what we do EVERY TIME WE GET TOGETHER.

Post-party I had a bit of a panic that I did not provide the best engagement party experience to my guests.  Were they underwhelmed?  Were they disappointed they cleared their Saturday evening?  Did they just eat 40 chicken drumsticks and two huge bundles of spinach to be nice?!?!?

Poor A.

Sunday I had another mini-party with the cute one in the family at my parents’ home.  Mom again made a stellar meal while Cute One supplied Wii entertainment.

Again … failing on the whole hostess thing …

But at least they had some laughs at my expense.  My Wii-manship makes me appear to be on the verge of Parkinsons.  Super.

So I wouldn’t say I’m Miss Party Planner Extraordinare, but no one died from my cooking or heaved too many bored sighs … that I know of.

Hopefully whatever nuptial celebration we come up with will have a little more pomp.  Just a little.

One success of the evening was Mom’s sensational warm spinach salad, found here:

–hard boiled eggs
–bacon, cut up in pieces and cooked.  take out of grease and cool.

1. keep grease in fry pan and start to heat back up, do not boil.
2. add about 1/4 c vinegar
3.  and before the mixture gets hot, because you don’t want to burn the sugar….   Add 1/2 c sugar and salt and pepper
4. stir until sugar dissolves.
5. pour over spinach and stuff.
6. Eat

And if anyone has any tips for a ho-hum hostess … let ‘er rip.  PLEASE.


3 thoughts on “engagement parties…-ish AKA an apology to my guests

  1. Wendi September 21, 2011 / 7:14 pm

    No, tips, but that salad sounds soooo good.

  2. Mom September 20, 2011 / 8:21 am

    I did not hear one bored sigh or see one rolled eye. And bairloch, the truth hurts.

  3. bairloch September 19, 2011 / 10:44 pm

    Stop calling me that. And we all had fun, you worry-wart.

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