Or, what once was old, is new again.

My constant refrain (I’M SO CHEAP) makes it evident in some of the objects scattered throughout the apartment.

This could also be my attempt to “upcycle” and be more “green.”  YOU’RE WELCOME, Al Gore.

I’m sure there is some cutesy name that would make me cringe (salvage chic or  recessionista anyone?), but I will just call it resourceful.  Like McGyver.

You have already seen our seed bag-clad dining room chairs … but here are more of my favorites.

1. Pepsi bottle box

As previously noted, our dinky storage offerings are better suited for carnival attractions.  Therefore, when it came time to store A’s (disturbingly few) and my (healthy amount) of bathroom supplies, we were at a loss.

For months we (I) arranged the bulky bottles of lotion, infuriatingly cylindrical mascara tubes and perilous stacks of soap into meticulous lines.  It was like g-damn Jenga in there.  With one ill-planned movement, a hard rain of 126491

empty contact cases would engulf the poor person who dared reach for the Listerine.  And heaven forbid if Toona decided he wanted to jump onto the shelf … Godzilla.

So we  attempted in vain to find a suitable corral-er of our products.  All of the decorative baskets were outrageously priced; the caddies were UGLY.

I thought we were up the creek, but, once again, we were saved by ……… THE GARAGE SALE.

We stumbled across a box formerly used to store Pepsi bottles.  I bought it for a knee-slappin’ $3, thinking it would work for office supplies or those infernal bathroom items.  After I brought it home I realized, it was PERFECT.

everyone loves an organized toiletry shelf.

I almost wept.  What I did do was race into the kitchen and smack A with the (solid wood and metal reinforced) bottle box, to proclaim my excitement.

It was a historic day.  And my hand sanitizer has never been happier.

2. Yankee candle jars

Our most adorable cat fanatic friend is also a wee addicted to candles.  A had the brilliant idea to request her empty jars to use in order to house various things around the house.  She was kind enough to remove the labels for us, which is the most tedious part of the job, FYI.

Now we have wonderful homes for things like……
 this terrarium!
Or, these Q-tips and cotton swabs holders!  (Turn the cap of the jar upside down to shove things inside the lid too!)  Thanks cat-friend!  And say hello to momma, kittens, and the two linebackers for us.   And maybe the husband. 🙂
3. bathroom etagere and boot tray

We bought this bathroom etagere (AKA toilet straddling shelf … fancy Frenchies) for our previous apartment.  However, as we cannot swing a cat in our present home’s water closet (not investigated), we needed to find a new place to put it.

ready for snow!
lonely shelf. useless shelf.

When we decided to offer our spare bedroom to Mister and cleaned out that Island of Misfit Toys-esque room, we quickly needed a new home for the etagere.  As we also have no coat closet (GRRRRR IMPRACTICAL HOUSING) the homeless shelf was repurposed as an outerwear hanging station.  HOT DOG.

Also, as the cold weather is soon upon us here in the mighty Midwest, we were in need of somewhere to put sloppy, slush shoes and mittens.  The lid of a beat-up plastic organizational tote will catch the snow …. if we ever get a key and are able to enter our kitchen instead of the living room.

we launder ... HARD

4. hamper cat house

Because we rarely make it to the laundromat when we should, our hamper met a quick end due to too many journeys at maximum capacity.  After officially retiring the basket, A tossed a pillow into the basket, a blanket over the top, and the cat inside.

not THAT kind of cat house

Toona loves it.

We bought a new laundry basket.

5. wookies.

*warning to the squeamish readers*

As earlier noted, I have long, voluminous hair of majesty.  To continue to please the masses, it requires some upkeep … to A’s dismay.


He loves me.

When my former maintenance man (sent directly from heaven COME BACK TO ME) flew to assist my clogged drain for the 21897516 time, he let me in on a life-changing tip.  Put a sink strainer in the shower!

(no photo.  too weird.)

The strainer’s meshy belly, usually placed in the sink drain to catch wayward noodles, becomes a hair-catching tool when turned upside down.  As hair is swept toward the drain, it is wound around the strainer and saved from blocking up the drain.  Sales of Drano are markedly down since I learned this trick.  Life changing.

Do you have any?  shareshareshare.


One thought on “JOAN RIVERS!

  1. Mom October 21, 2011 / 8:39 am

    You are a Scot! (Except for your shoes.)

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