With the first brisk wind, I became a whirl of preparation for my favorite time of year.

Spring is pretty, and summer is nice for a good hour, but the cooler months are what really stuffs my horn of plenty.

As soon as one leaf even hinted at a change of hue, I merrily tossed all of my summer clothes into a tote and stuffed them into our “storage space”, the floor of which is probably going to give way in about 14 minutes.

lurking. always lurking.

Burying spaghetti-strapped tops and unflattering pairs of shorts is an unparalled joy, and helps me usher in a time of year most aptly conveyed in this e-card.

Furthermore, I switched out our lame, faceless soap for a particularly festive one:

Which A greeted with trepidation, emerging from the bathroom to quietly ask, “What have you done?”

One particularly delightful day, my parents joined A and I as we attended a “sock-toberfest” event in a neighboring town.  GUESS WHO STOCKED UP ON WARM SOCKS FOR 90% OFF.  Then we picked pumpkins and decorative gourds. Can you think of a more stereotypically perfect fall day.  NO YOU CAN’T.

This time of year also welcomes some pretty sensational holidays. Like the one where you dress up like a floozy/murderer/your true personality.  Catholicism may have tried to erase this day from existence, but it prevails!  And I will. wear. ears.

And don’t forget my favorite, the one where you eat.

And the one where you get things.  YES!

Furthermore, who doesn’t love it when the sun goes down around 5 p.m.  Going through life like I’m living in a perpetual cave puts a bounce in my gait.

In closing, this time of year is nothing less than seasonal paradise, wrapped in a crisp, comforting package.  I think I will slip on my knee-high stripey socks, grab some nog (now in stores, if we haven’t claimed it all) and hug a pumpkin.

Happy Fall, all!


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