I now currently live with two and a half men*.  (I feel like we could be a sitcom or something.)

I thought I knew everything about the hairier sex.

I have three brothers, a “salty dog” of a father, as A calls him, and plenty of men friends.

They like to eat, and don’t care a whole lot about what’s put in front of them.  They have a different voice when talking on the phone.  They will never remember the appointment/errand/important thing not to forget that was told to them that morning.

But when Aidan and I moved in together, I discovered more than I thought I would.

Like how he has declared a war on decorative pillows.  And how meticulous he is about hanging things on the walls.  (He loves levels.  LOVES THEM.)

I’m pretty sure cohabiting can best be summarized in a moment we had a few weeks ago, when I bought my own deodorant. He was thrilled that I now smelled differently than him, after months of using his brand.  “Now I know where you are,” was the reason for his delight.

We need to get out more.

I thought it was just me and our hermit-like lifestyle that prompted such weird observations.

After putting out a plea on facebook on Oct. 19, I realized I AM NOT ALONE!

Friends of mine from college and high school, family members and family members to be, from cohabitors to married couples eall commented on the myriad quirks of their significant others.

One especially accurate one was from a former softball teammate:

“That no matter how many laundry baskets you have (and no matter where they are located) the clothes still seem to look better on the floor/right next to the laundry basket….for starters.”

PERFECT!  And so true!  We just finished putting away fresh laundry LAST NIGHT when A flung his clothes into the abyss and they landed … just north of  the basket.  Imagine my delight!

Of course, my rather zen aunt had these wise words:

“try to remember that HE is also living with someone of the opposite sex and is wondering the same damn things you are. We are, in the end, strangers to each other’s ways. Takes a while – not there yet myself/ourselves!”

so wise.  but so much more fun to needle those we love while we saintly hover over it all, right?

Did we miss any?  What are the most infuriating/endearing traits of your partner?

*the half is toona, FYI.


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