second baby syndrome

The hubs and I have been discussing making another addition to the family.

A furry one.

We are gradually moving up the responsibility ladder, starting with a plant, who lived to a ripe age. We have also successfully nurtured an adorable feline …

Not sure if I’ve talked about him …

We like him.


And figure a dog is the next step before BABIES.

As our first official bargain as husband and wife, I agreed to let A order a stupid Xbox game (and even went with him to the midnight release BEST WIFE EVER AWARD) if he gifted me with a PUPPY.

We have poured over hefty dog breed volumes, dog training manuals, Internet articles about apartment-appropriate choices for our newest bundle of joy and spent more than one weekend cruising around with some lovable Fidos at the humane society.

I am so, So, SO thrilled to be considering another furry family member, but do feel a twinge of anxiety.  Not the anxiety I feel when baking in my useless oven or the anxiety felt when A insists on wearing sandals and socks, but anxiety nonetheless.

This anxiety stems from what I (and surely someone with a fancy degree) like to call, Second Baby Syndrome.

I felt it when my sister told me she was pregnant with her second child.  At the time, all I could think about was how wonderful her first child was, and how I was unsure if I would be able to equally divide my love between TWO CHILDREN.  Would one feel neglected?

Now I am feeling a very similar emotion when considering a second pet.  Toona is SO PERFECT.  We  cannot believe our luck in picking a shelter pet that is so ideal for our personalities and situation.

Could that happen twice?  And with a dog, who are so much harder to train and are a much larger responsibility?

We are still forging ahead with adoption plans, but does anyone else feel this way?  How do you insure equal time/affection with more than one baby, furry or otherwise?


3 thoughts on “second baby syndrome

  1. Mom November 16, 2011 / 11:06 am

    Don’t ask me, I had Boomer! And Rex. And Hamlet. And the one that rules the roost – Trump!

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