meet BEEF.

We apparently got over our second baby syndrome pretty fast …

meet, Beef!


(A thinks he is very funny with the pet names.)

We adopted her last week from our local humane society.  Beef is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel crossed with a dachshund.


She arrived in the shelter after starting out at a puppy mill, but thankfully shows few scars from living there.

She is a sweetheart, but is still pretty nervous around strangers.  Especially Mister, poor guy!

It has been an adjustment both for her owners and for her other furry roommate, Toona.

OK corral, anyone?

We have had a few puppy-training mishaps, as I am much more used to kitties and their very low maintenance personalities.  A, of course, has taken it upon himself to research dog psychology and training techniques (no need to re-read that) and has appointed himself the one-man expert on Beef integration into the Hamilton household.

I mainly just like to scratch her belly, buy her sweaters and keep my tights away from her eager puppy jaws.

Toona has been giving her a wide berth lately, not understanding her boundless enthusiasm.  They have touched noses a few times, but I don’t think Toona appreciated the new family member’s rather cold and wet one.

"Shaft" impersonations

And, most importantly, today is her first birthday!  She shares a birthday with another very adorable member of my family, my big brother.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER!

Let’s hope this new furry addition to the Hamilton clan is as successful as our loud and cranky first one.  That probably starts with keeping the toilet paper roll out of her reach.


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