2011 goal recap. 2012 goal gauntlet.

Writing a blog offers plenty of opportunities to read the dorky/embarrassing/no longer funny and badly written musings I have bothered to log since the start of my senior year of college.

Looking back at my goals for 2011, written in my last weeks as an undergrad, I did less of the usual cringing and more smiling.  It’s been a hell of  a year.

While some of the goals went unfulfilled yet again (get more exercise … I’m looking at you), some of them have become such a part of my daily life that it seems silly that they were goals only months ago: cooking regularly, reading often, keeping a relatively tidy home.

Some I am quite proud of, including nurturing a wonderful kitty for almost a full year (and adding a PUPPY no less!) and nailing a relevant and relatively fulfilling job.

Some of it is just glorious serendipity, flippantly mentioning the place where we ultimately got married as a potential weekend trip destination. My February 2011 self did not know what was going to hit her … which was mainly those sand barrels.  Which that state’s government tried to charge me more than $1,000 to replace!   BUH.

But I digress ….

While 2011 was the year of Toona and Beef, and a proposal and a wedding, and Wisconsin and Iowa, and mal-employed and career woman, I have a feeling 2012 is going to be even better.

Goals for 2012!

1. Travel to someplace new.

This goal returns to the 2012 list, after our wedding road  trip did not exactly have us reaching new horizons in 2011.  We have discussed Canada, but maybe we should visit that World’s Largest Frying Pan in Iowa first … it’s within a day’s drive.

2. Work up a sweat.

We walk Beef faithfully twice a day, but I think adding something to my day where I actually do achieve a ladylike glow (or gasp like a drowning Jack Palance, whichever you choose to be more realistic) is necessary.

3. Volunteer at least once a season.

I have always been a willing volunteer, but have not actively sought out opportunities.  Hopefully this will change in 2012, and I may just add a segment here to keep me honest.

4. Drink more water.

My A is a huge water drinker and his head often blows off when I tell him I can’t remember the last time I drank any.  Perhaps I will invest in a cute bottle and be one of those creepy people that totes their own around?

5. Keep a better eye on finances.

The first few months of last year were money management perfection, but it soon dropped off around the springtime.  Having two steady incomes caused me to get a little wild with our cash (at least … wild to me) and having a better budget and tracking practices is needed.  Maybe making better use of Mint.com?

6. Green up our place, then eat it.

I am currently researching container gardening and flipping through a seed catalog  in the hopes that we can have edible additions to the windowsill.  Having some nice flowers I will consider a perk.

7. Be a more vigilant vitamin-taker.

After doing a piece for the women’s magazine about vitamins,  I have become increasingly interested in taking some myself.  Hopefully some supplements will help boost my energy, clear my skin and improve my patience.  Right?

8. More than watching an entire season of “Rescue Me” and 11 pounds of popcorn.

Whenever I discuss goals with A, he always suggests doing more things TOGETHER.  Which is not only adorable, but a good point.

We did some geocaching last year (FUN) and now my bike is actually in proper functioning order (OWIE-LESS) so there’s nothing stopping us!

9. Investigate online freelancing.

This seems like a potentially useful tool to keep me writing, diversify my resume and also build up a bit of cash. I just need to stop being overwhelmed and intimidated by the websites’ confusing terms and policies and jump into an intriguing and profitable area.

10. Be a better BLOGGER.

This place gets a little erratic.  So for my mother, who faithfully reads this blog and checks it regularly,  I promise to be a more routine blog-writer.



One thought on “2011 goal recap. 2012 goal gauntlet.

  1. Mom January 12, 2012 / 2:13 pm

    Damn Skippy!

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