diverting from yesterday’s course … for valentine’s day

While yesterday I described the simply horrible Valentine’s Day I experienced as a pup, I figured that today, in honor of the day, I would share the best Valentine’s gift I have ever received.

From the husband, naturally.

In February 2010, A and I had only been dating for a grand six weeks, but he gave me his greenstone necklace.

greenstone "twist"

Greenstone, or pounamu, is a treasure of the Maori people of New Zealand and is meant to pass through generations or from person to person  (or, so says Wikipedia).

Just before A left New Zealand, he was given what is now my greenstone, which is classified as a double twist.  The symbol signifies several things, including the many paths of life and the joining of cultures.  As A prepared to leave his home for the U.S., the pendant promised to protect him and give him good fortune in the strange land of … WISCONSIN.

I remember asking A about the pendant one of the first times we met, because it is very unique and beautiful, and he didn’t seem the type to freely accessorize. When he told me about the significance of the stone, I was fascinated and intrigued by this handsome and exotic stranger.

Seven years later, A put the necklace around my neck, because the twist also symbolizes two people joined for life.

I have not taken the pendant off for two years. I have worn it on three different continents, in three weddings, including my own, and as I write to you now.  I do not think it will leave my neck, unless we

greenstone "toki"

decide to pass it on to the next generation someday.

As is tradition, A got a new pendant that was most relevant to his new situation in life: a toki, which symbolizes strength and focus.  Apparently he thought he needed all the help he could get.

Favorite Valentine’s gifts given or received?  Share the love.


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