this week in domestication

1. while seemingly obvious, when under the relentless glare of both the dairy case and my impatient husband, I have now learned to never choose “plain” yogurt when looking for “vanilla” yogurt.  ICK.

2. putting away winter clothes for their summer counterparts is an opportunity to rediscover your cute, frilly, light clothing.  it’s also a time to remember the time will soon come when this pasty skin will be unleashed to the world.  manatee.

3. using a new vacuum for the first time is exhilarating.

4. having a container garden is fun! and rewarding!  and also infuriating when trying to shoo the cat away from eating the sprouts and coming home to the dog digging through the soil.  will update soon … if they live (the plants, that is).

5 this is what Sundays are for:

he may just be excited the carpet is finally clean.

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