dry spell for everyone–but especially this blog

Here comes the excuse train!

**Work is ridiculously busy.

**I started watching Felicity/Swamp Loggers on Netflix.

**I had to paint my toenails.

**Both of our computers exploded.

Those are just a few reason why I have not blogged in a month (GULP).  So, here is an account of what you all have missed in my riveting life since then–done in pictures, because … baby steps.

And one day we went to the humane society, because I am trying to convince A to get me a kitten (as always).
escapees! (and that one might be drunk.)


result of my first community garden visit. could this picture be more of a dirty hippie?
spoke too soon.


and these were taken on Instagram, as the no-longer-appealing cherry on the dickbag sundae.
also in the community garden, drought strikes a former cucumber. he was waiting for my latest blog post 😦


trying to cook dinner WHEN SUDDENLY


minutes later, not to be outdone.
it’s like the sistine chapel over here.
From my bard-loving friend, further proof of the power of this word. (see previous post)


And my workplace’s vending machine is from Russia.

Promise to return to words soon, because I know you miss the CAPITAL LETTERS.




4 thoughts on “dry spell for everyone–but especially this blog

  1. bairloch August 28, 2012 / 9:19 pm

    You have your phone handy to take pics while cooking?

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