domesticait visitors: you are a horn of plenty

I am always surprised (and speechless.)  (and endlessly flattered) by the people who say they check out my blog.

So, as this blog enters its terrible twos, I thought I would say thank you to everyone who has stopped by when they were legitimately looking for greenstone necklaces or something called an “embarrassment alarm” and were sent here. Or the faithful viewers that stop by again and again.  BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY EXIST!

Like this guy.



As we near 6,000 total views in the past two years, here are some highlights:

most viewed post

most commented post

most shared/tagged post

There are no words to describe this little project of mine, but it is a lovely reminder of how far we have come and the successes and blunders we I have had.

Mostly the blunders.

Coincidentally, there are also no words to describe how thrilled I am that you continue to visit.

So thank you, THANK YOU!  And I promise to continue to put my foot in my mouth, deliver unsolicited advice, document the lives of my beasts, pester my husband and generally ruin lovely things.

Things to come: domesticait and family venture into the outdoors, potentially graduate from the crack den and TRAVEL TO THE MOON!  or maybe just the brownie’s homeland.

As we continue onto the 6 MILLION VIEWS MARK (or maybe 6,050), I welcome your feedback, advice, and questions.  And I sincerely appreciate you checking out my writing, something that undoubtedly makes you feel a whole lot better about yourself.

as always



One thought on “domesticait visitors: you are a horn of plenty

  1. Samantha Jane September 14, 2012 / 8:37 am

    Your appreciation is reciprocated! Since we don’t see each other ALL that often (even though we live a mere 20 minutes away from one another), reading your blog keeps me updated on the quirky American Dream you are living with A and makes me feel like we see each other more than we actually do. I never want to miss an entry! So much so, that I have a notification of a new entry in both my work and personal email, and on Facebook!

    “‘You’re the strangest person I ever met’, she said. And I said, ‘you too.’ And we decided we’d know each other a long time.” – Brian Andreas

    I still have that card 🙂

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