my husband is a butthead, but we celebrate the holidays anyway

This year, Christmas for us will be drastically different.  The major change in our celebrating is that we are unable to travel to see our families for the holiday.  While this is very new and quite strange, we are timidly embracing our own traditions.

If you remember, we did have one tradition that was abandoned quickly–for the sake of our marriage.

This year, we are planning to incorporate a special type of meat for this holiday feast, and may even do a fun holiday excursion with 3/4 of the family (Toona is not the most enthusiastic participant).  But, that will be for a later post, do not fret.

However, we do have one custom that was not formally established, but manages to prevail year after year anyway: A being a Grinchy-Scrooge-Ass.  Here are some actual comments from the last few weeks of the most wonderful time of the year:


“Getting a Christmas tree is always the same …. and it sucks.  Everyone always starts off excited and happy, then it becomes this tragic expedition of, ‘We will NEVVVERRRR find the right tree! These trees are ALL AWFUL!’ and then we find the tree and everything is joyful again.”

“Um … can we exchange presents sometime in January?”

“This guy behind me at your Christmas concert was THE WORLD’S WORST SINGER.  It was like his voice was breaking like a teenager and he would never pronounce the letter ‘s’.  Then his voice would go in and out because he didn’t know the words to the songs and he would just mumble …  I mean, I can’t sing, so I DON’T.  Some people need to learn this.”

“We celebrated Hanukkah?  Oh, okay.”

“Do we HAVE TO take Christmas photos?  Can’t you just crop a carton of egg nog over my face?”


So festive!  He also has attacked one particular Christmas decoration in our kitchen: an adorable saucer set that is supposed to spell, “Noel”.

The first time, the vandalism appeared like this:


And just yesterday, I was treated to this creative little number:

husband for sale.

However, there is one thing we can both agree on as a Christmas tradition to continue:



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