the cutest, furriest foster kids in town

In early February I received an email from our local humane society regarding our interest in providing foster care to some adorable kitties.

My response to A: “OH MY GOD.”

Just weeks after that email, A and I found ourselves at the Humane Society of North Iowa, gazing upon two beauties in the small, glass room they have called their home their entire lives.

Zelda (left) and Zachy (right)
Zelda (left) and Zachy (right)

These kitties, Zelda and Zachy, were nominated to begin foster care because the shelter staff was unsure if they would be able to transition into life in a “normal” household, after living exclusively in the shelter.

When we arrived at the humane society on February 2, we thought we would be interviewed, and merely meet the cat candidates.  We did not expect to return home only 30 minutes later with both kitties in our car, starting a month-long journey into foster parenting.  My husband must like me a lot.

Luckily for us, we have a guest room that served as a purrrfect location to sequester these kitties like Congressmen for awhile before unleashing them into the apartment at large.  Another unexpected advantage of this guest room was the gap between the bottom of the door and the carpet.  This allowed for the kitties to interact with Beef and Toona in a limited way before officially meeting them.

that paw on the right side is Zachy's jabbing out from the guest room beyond.
that paw on the right side is Zachy’s jabbing out from the guest room beyond.

After only one week of A and me socializing with the kitties alone in the guest room (and me sleeping with them in their room each night) we opened the flood gates and allowed them to roam around the apartment.

Beef thought these new playmates were a special present just for her.  Toona was a little more reluctant.

As the weeks went by, the kitties began to be more and more sociable, and even started to recognize the sounds of us coming home from work.  They are very healthy and scored an A+ on litter training.  It was amazing the progress we saw in these two in the four short weeks they were guests in our home.

Zachy has a weird habit of flopping over when he enters a room, so we had to watch where we stepped in order to not trod on a squishy orange object.

Zelda is the more timid one, but would purr like a chainsaw just with the anticipation of a hand coming in for the landing on top of her head.

Zelda and Zachy (sadly) returned to the Humane Society of North Iowa on Saturday.  I made A do it, because I could not bear to part with them, and if they were EVER going to leave our home, he had to take the reins on this one.

However, the time they spent in our home shows they are beautiful, affectionate, energetic, chatty and sociable kitties that will seamlessly fit into a caring forever home someday.

For those of you in the area who are looking for a new cat companion, I encourage you to check out Zelda and Zachy, and all of the sensational felines at Humane Society of North Iowa.  This shelter does a great job caring for these animals, so they trust humans wholeheartedly and transition well into a home setting.

If you are not in the area, I strongly urge you to ALWAYS consider adoption when choosing a new pet friend.  There are so, so many life long friends (as evidenced in these two beauts, as well as the ever-popular Beef and Toona) just waiting for you to scoop them up.  Don’t shop, adopt!

And, as I climb down from my soapbox, I leave you with some cute pictures!


getting close to Beef–also a Humane Society of North Iowa rescue!

2 thoughts on “the cutest, furriest foster kids in town

  1. Sybil Soukup March 13, 2013 / 4:02 pm

    I am SO happy to tell you that Zachy and Zelda (along with their other sibling Zeke who was in a different foster home) TODAY….to the SAME HOME!!! A sweet middle-aged woman came to the shelter last week looking to adopt 2 new feline friends. She was immediately drawn to Zachy and Zelda and their friendly personalities! When we mentioned that Zeke was their sibling, she just couldn’t bear to split them up!! So ALL THREE went home with her today!!!

    Thank you for fostering Zachy and Zelda for us and proving that they would flourish outside the shelter environment! Your efforts paid off big time!!!!! 🙂

    • domesticait March 14, 2013 / 11:36 am

      We are so THRILLED! The experience was already such a positive one, and now knowing that these loving, deserving kitties get a second chance is just the icing on the cake! keep doing the fabulous job you are doing–we really appreciate HSNI.

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