valentine’s day! it’s the love holiday! so let’s forget that i’ve been neglecting you.

A few highlights since we last spoke (months ago … yikes!):

Things that almost killed us:

1. Trying to make a steak dinner for our 2-year anniversary and having the carbon monoxide detector go off

2. Falling crowbars that were teetering on the table by the entrance, just in case someone wanted to tear off some more barn wood

3. Patches of ice and the resulting head lumps


5. Watching Harlem Shake videos on New Year’s Eve (mostly because I kept asking A “but, WHAT IS THIS?”)

Things I had to explain to my husband:

1. “Reading Rainbow”

2. How Americans are extremely dedicated to lying to their children about Santa Claus (sorry for ruining that for you)

3. Fleece leggings

4.  The Electoral College (thanks, Wikipedia)

5.  The fact that the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is not from “The Lion King”.

Things that pissed husband off:

1. Spontaneous Celine Dion serenades

2. Leaving the “Crackling Fireplace” show on for an extended period of time

3. Shoving things up his nostrils

4. Trying to tell him what a Shepherd’s Pie is

5. Getting stuck in the driveway.  Every morning.

Things I blew up in the kitchen

1. Cheesy potatoes (boiled over and caused a minor smoke problem when preheating the oven the next day)

2. “Roasted garlic” (blackened poop pile)

3.  New Year’s Day steak (too scared to use broiler after aforementioned carbon monoxide poisoning)

4. Chocolate chip cookies (my father lovingly calls them “dunkers” due to the need to soften them before attempting to ingest)

5. Christmas day donuts (eyes. watering. too much. smoke)

Things that I learned in 2013

1. How to buy a house

2. How to argue

3. How to make bread and cheese and granola

4. How to be unemployed

How I know I am becoming a country girl

1. I can co-exist with bugs (kind of)

2. I can use the word “torque” correctly in a sentence.  Just kidding, NEVER CHANGE.

3. We are preparing for LIVESTOCK, and I am only slightly frightened.

Reasons why I love being from a small town

1. When you happen to fall in to step with a stranger in a parking lot, you end up having a pleasant conversation with them all the way to the door.

2. You almost always run into someone you know at the gas station

3. When you go through the drive thru at a fast food restaurant, the employee may just give you some of your food for free because “your total was $5 exactly and that was just so cool.”

4. People drive by on tractors and randomly give you things (like a freshly plowed driveway).

5. When you get pulled from your desk because someone wants to know which car is yours, it’s not because it was hit in the parking lot, but some adorable senior citizen wants to know how you like it, and if he should buy one.

Upcoming topics for this blog:

1. Springtime for Hamiltons!  We get ready for our first year in which we can actually take advantage of our land.  No more clearance aisle veggies for us!  (Well, maybe just less of those.)

2. I am pretty bad at making cookies, (see above) but I found a pretty good, foolproof recipe.

3. House photos!  (Hopefully)

4. Domesticait’s guide to sociology

5. How to survive a propane shortage and a polar vortex while keeping your marriage and extremities alive!

Again, I apologize for this hiatus.  I’m going to blame it on the new kittens A got me for Christmas, because LOOK THEY’RE ADORABLE.

say hello to Chewy (left) and Claude!
say hello to Chewy (left) and Claude!

2 thoughts on “valentine’s day! it’s the love holiday! so let’s forget that i’ve been neglecting you.

  1. Mom February 18, 2014 / 8:16 am

    Have you ever seen the Claude the cat cartoons?

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