cat lady status … ACHIEVED

My rockin’ husband got me kittens for Christmas, as we discussed here.

Soon after they were transferred outdoors (about 3 months after they were gifted to me, which was approximately 90 days too long, according to The Boss), they suddenly started to gain weight.

A  lot of weight.

Like, this much weight.

Fat Chewy.
Fat Claude
Fat Claude

I was in a lot of denial that they were pregnant–it just seemed so unlikely!

1. They are not even a year old!

2. Never saw the tom cat.  He was not only mysterious, but efficient.

But it turns out there were some buns in the ovens.

12 buns in fact.

All of the babies are alive and well, and the mommas are doing fine too–parenting together in their little box.

This brings our critter count up to 19 (not including husband).

I guess the only thing left is, who wants some kittens?!


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