Top 14 things that happened in 2014

I get especially teary this time of year when everyone releases “Best Of” lists for the concluding year.  Movies. Books. News Stories.  Celebrity Deaths.  All the good stuff.   I hope this list also makes you weep :

1. Finally got one full-time job!

After 18 months of vacillating between two part-time jobs, I began one full-time job in non-profit development, in December.  Thank God.

2. Tried out the farming thing

In addition to doing an actual vegetable garden (instead of snatching up the reject, clearance plants at Fleet Farm for 90% off) we also brought home our first three little pigs in May.  I’ll definitely write a wrap-up post about that experience, but it was a highlight of the year.

3. Got a new puppy!

In addition to Beef, we adopted another pup from our local humane society.  Although Beef is a majestic creature, The Boss was looking for a dog that had legs that were longer than 8 inches to accompany him on the acreage–so we brought home our newest family member.  In the meantime–Beef will hang with me and keep my feet warm (like she’s doing right now … aww).  Again–another post (with lots of pictures!)  coming soon.

4. Experienced all four seasons at our first home

Although it includes the damn polar vortex , it was very exciting to experience the full continuum of seasons at our home.  We definitely have a lot of work to do at our home, but that’s one of the cool things about living in a climate with four seasons.  And we’ll take everything we can get.  Because again–the damn polar vortex.

day lily patch in July
day lily patch in July

5. Received a PFI grant

In November, we were notified that we received a Savings Incentive Program grant from Practical Farmers of Iowa.  This is a great opportunity for us to network with other similar farmers in our state, and receive matching funds for continued growth.  Cool things to come in 2015!

6. Grew to be a more compassionate person.

The part-time job that I left in December was at our local hospice.  Although I am no longer working there each day, I am so grateful for the time I had there to change my perspective on relationships.  Living with more empathy, having gratitude, assuming good intentions–it was a transformative job.  Even A told me I was a better person since working there–which may mean I was kinda awful beforehand, but we’re going to gloss over that.


For Christmas 2013, A got me two momma kittens.  ALMOST AS SOON AS WE LET THEM OUTSIDE (post-polar vortex), they BOTH WERE IMPREGNATED.  AND BOTH momma kittens had SIX KITTENS.

It was ridiculous and also the most adorable thing that ever happened.  (PLUG–we have seven left)

We're ready for you!
We’re ready for you!

8. Aunt explosion

I am now a proud aunt to FIVE awesome kiddos, including the newest, born December 2014.  Another is coming in March 2015, and officially all of my five siblings have started families of their own.  Big families are the best, not the least of which is to make my only-child husband nervous.

9. Learning self care

I still am not particularly good at this, but getting better.  Prompted by my time with our local hospice, it became more important to have personal time.  My favorite thing is to visit a local coffee place for my lunch break once a month, with a good book and a heaping pile of dessert.

10. Kitchen skills growing

Guys–I ACTUALLY CANNED STUFF.  SUCCESSFULLY.  I also made homemade bread and haven’t set off the fire alarms for a few solid weeks.  #progress

11. Learned to use conditioner first

I fell into a strange Internet rabbit hole, but it brought me to an article about hair care myths.  I’m not particularly concerned with my thick, brown hair curtain, but I read the article anyway–which prompted me to conditioner (or cream rinse–does anyone else’s dad say that?) first!  Then the shampoo will cleanse your hair and remove any conditioner build-up.  Totally works for me–try it!

12. Friendships

I have never been good at making and maintaining friendships, but I feel like 2014 was a landmark year for this, which makes me proud.  From friend Christmases and fabulously memorable day trips to a gaggle of awesome weddings and long, obnoxious conversations at Buffalo Wild Wings–it’s been a good year for something I’ve struggled with.  And 2015 looks even better … *exhales*.

13. Growing up

I feel like 2014 was a big year for maturing.  I clean my kitchen surfaces and try to floss every night–so I think that’s all I need to say about that.

14. Blog commitment

My new work schedule provides me with a built-in night for blogging.  Hopefully this keeps me from squirreling away from this project.  No excuses!  Maybe.

Looking forward to a great 2015-



8 thoughts on “Top 14 things that happened in 2014

  1. Gabby January 5, 2015 / 4:29 pm

    Never quit blogging!!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOGGING. And I have missed it.

  2. Mom January 5, 2015 / 12:50 pm

    You GOT THE GRANT!!!! You didn’t say. Good for you!

  3. Kristian January 5, 2015 / 12:23 pm

    Looking forward to more postings.
    Also, that conditioner thing makes so much sense…

    • domesticait January 5, 2015 / 7:05 pm

      I KNOW. why did my ignorant self cast about in these oily-headed seas for so long?
      do you condition? (cream rinse? icky) i didn’t realize your mane was so unruly.

    • domesticait January 5, 2015 / 7:06 pm

      thanks, Sara! next post comes your way Thursday. 🙂

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