I Missed the 90s Movie Club : Great “Goonily” Moogly … I’m still so confused about “The Goonies”

This is the first post after completing a movie for the “I Missed the 90s Movie Club”.  See the original post here.


So one night I sat down to watch “The Goonies” and this is what happened:

G3I was so full of promise.  So full of excitement.  So full of pizza.G2The fashion was confusing, but clearly not as confusing as the plot.


I eventually had to watch this movie a few more times to finally finish it.  I have to say … I didn’t enjoy it.  I was really annoyed by the kid actors and found the plot to be really disjointed and hard to follow.  It probably didn’t help that in my head I smashed together my (limited) knowledge of “The Newsies” with this movie.  Not similar.

And I still have some burning questions :

1. Why does everyone make a reference to “The Truffle Shuffle”?  I was so surprised at how minor of an event this was in the movie, yet EVERYONE makes a joke about it.  Did I miss something?


3.  Is this racist?

4. What is up with the monster?  Was there a chemical spill?  Is he someone’s brother?  Where did he come from?  How did he survive being locked up in the basement?

5. There should were a lot of dead bodies, trauma, government seizure of property themes for a children’s movie.  (more of a statement, I suppose)

And since then, after talking with others who adore this movie, it seems to me that most of the magic is lost when watching it for the first time as an adult.  For most, it’s purely an escapist, unbelievable adventure movie that holds an allure from a time when these sort of quests seemed within reach.  It’s probably the same kind of adoration I have for “Ferngully”, and weirdly, “Little Giants”.  (back off!)

Also–hilarious fat kids.  Always a crowd pleaser.

However, I had a few favorite moments :


That joke is just too easy.

This moment was the only time I literally laughed out loud.  Unfortunately, it was during a sentimental moment at the end of the film, when the portly character earnestly tells the monster that he is definitely welcome at his home.  His family is within earshot and doesn’t look terribly excited about their new foster brother.  Comic gold.

So, Happy 30th Birthday, Goonies.  Now try to keep your voices down.

Do you have a suggestion for the next movie I need to watch for the “I Missed the 90s Movie Club?”  The Boss has been discussing “Terminator” for a few weeks … is there something I should watch before then?  Special request for suggestions from the new group I am now a part of : the esteemed North Iowa Bloggers!


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