Just a bunch of “Hocus Pocus” … and the next #missedthe90s movie is revealed!


I’m writing a post about Halloween during the week of Christmas.


The real reason I’m writing this now is because I have to watch my next movie during the holidays, and I have yet to re-cap my experience with “Hocus Pocus”.  Whoopsies!  Life!

So here we go … “Hocus Pocus” :


I have to say, of the movies I have re-watched for this series (of which there are two), this is the movie I would watch again.

HOWEVER — I would not watch it alone.  I think this would be far more enjoyable in a group of people who enjoy this movie — of which there are A LOT.

And it’s an emotional experience for “Hocus Pocus” lovers.

Here are a few quotes from my live tweet of “Hocus Pocus” :

“No plot is the point.  Just enjoy.”

“OMG you have never seen it?  What the hell?”

“Hush and pay attention to the damn movie.”

I still cannot put my finger on why so many people enjoy this movie, but here are my reasons :

  1. Bette Midler — She carries this movie on her back like Sisyphus, no matter how much logic and that pesky plot try to roll her back down the hill.  Her command of the musical number alone was worthwhile.
  2. 400-year-old cat — A dream come true.  He also talks, which meant I was in HEAVEN.
  3. Generally frivolous fun — Unlike “The Goonies”, which was difficult for me to watch because it was SO out-there and didn’t seem to hold up for an adult audience, this movie seemed fully-realized enough to keep me interested.  I would not object to watching it again, especially in a group.

However, this movie still is not something I would choose to watch by myself, for these reasons :

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker — Her molesty persona was genuinely disturbing to me.  Oh, 90s.
  2. Multiple endings — I HATE HATE movies which end multiple times.  I do not find this exciting or necessary, but rather it enrages me EVERY TIME.  “Elizabethtown”  — go to hell.
  3. The endless set-up — If the writing and plot would have been stronger, it would not have fallen to Bette Midler to continue to explain everything that we are seeing, have seen, or will see.
  4. Silly language — Yabbos.  Thackery.  Amok.  GROAN.
  5. Forced catchphrases — Every time someone shouted “SISTERS” and crammed the titular line into conversation, it seemed like less of a bit of hocus pocus, and more of a bit of lazy writing.


Since we are in December now, it is time to retire “Hocus Pocus” for another year and embark on our new movie for the holiday season … “Home Alone”!


So for the next installment of my I Missed the 90s Movie Club, I am sitting down with some spiked ‘nog for this Christmas classic (or so I hear).

When I asked A about this movie, he gave me the following review : “I’ve seen it.  It’s cute.”  So THERE WE ARE FOLKS.

What I think I know about this movie:

  • Macaulay Culkin is a little boy who screams
  • Parents abandon youngest child (been there!)
  • Burglars?  Rapists?  Arrive at the giant home to attack the young boy because … ?  Perhaps his parents are criminals?  They live atop an former gold mine?
  • Parents are not concerned that they have abandoned youngest child?  They do not return to claim child?
  • Hijinks

The screening will take place on Wednesday, December 23 at 7:30 p.m. in my living room.  If you’d like to join me at the homestead, let me know!  (I’ll have to vacuum first.)

If you can’t make it to our place, join me on Twitter on Wednesday, December 23 at 7:30 p.m.  I will try to stay sober from the delicious, delicious nog (complete with a splash of Kahlua of course) as I make my way through this movie.

You can find me on Twitter at @domesticaitblog.  We’ll be using #missedthe90s as our movie party hashtag on Twitter — follow along!

Want to catch up my take on seeing “The Goonies” for the first time?  Check here and here.


One thought on “Just a bunch of “Hocus Pocus” … and the next #missedthe90s movie is revealed!

  1. Sylvia December 22, 2015 / 1:27 pm

    I resent (resemble) that remark! Try Tim Allen’s “the Santa Clause”

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