a gentle way to enter the New Year

I used to hate celebrating the New Year.


Up to my post-college years, I felt the New Year signified all of the things I had not yet accomplished.  All of the opportunities I missed and the time slipping away.

After college, it was sink or swim time.  And suddenly I felt like my days were full.  Not necessarily full of whimsy and adventure … but full.  So the New Year wasn’t so much remembering the sadness of a year unfulfilled, but more of a “DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ASS ON THE WAY OUT.”  I’m looking at you, first half of 2011.

But now, maybe I’m wiser. Or maybe I have less time for pondering these deep thoughts when I’m trying to make sure my car/farm/family/self doesn’t explode.  But I don’t dread the New Year celebration as I used to.

It may also have something to do with the beautiful work of Susannah Conway, a writer I discovered last year during a time of tremendous change for us, both personally and professionally.

Susannah Conway is a champion of a “heart-centered business” — which may sound airy-fairy to you, but keep reading.

Susannah encourages her readers (of which I am one) to slow down, listen and reflect.  I feel like she’s the good angel on my shoulder, reminding me to be grateful and present in a hectic period of life.  The bad angel encourages “Bridezillas” and donuts, if you’re wondering.

One of the things I look forward to about this time of year, is her Unravelling the Year Ahead Workbook and the Find Your Word exercise.  It’s a great, free tool to reflect on 2015 and prepare for 2016.  This is the first year I was able to look back on last year’s workbook and use it to prepare for my 2016 workbook and preparations.  It’s been a fun, rewarding exercise — and I really encourage you to put your first impressions of this idea aside and give it a try.

It may seem a little weird, you may not have something to say about every question, it may feel uncomfortable–but I really believe in it.

So much so, that I’m stepping outside of the comfort zone of myself and my blog to share.

Report back below.

And welcome, 2016.




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