Note to self: August 8, 2016


Note to self:

**Defrosting veggies you froze a few years ago is a good idea to clean out your freezer and to toss to the piggies.  However, when you defrost asparagus and broccoli, the resulting smell means you need to condemn your house.

**Your neighbors are the best. Onion-advice-giving, dog-sitting, drop-in-accepting, the best.

**DO NOT wear white pants on Mondays.  Something will inevitably happen screenshotbecause it’s Monday.  See: today and the flying dumpster juice.

**Your husband is pretty great.  Not just because the majority of your text conversation is adorable pictures and videos of animals.

**Get to be a morning person.  It’s worth it.

**Also, learn how to use your Kindle. Also so worth it.

**Why didn’t you switch to a french press before?  This coffee is AMAZING.

**Summer is coming to an end.  Take time to enjoy the long days, sunshine and garden abundance.  But the flying bugs and humidity can still go straight to hell.

We keep trying,


Refresh your week!  Do you have your own notes to self?  Comment below:


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