Day Two: Halfway there


This post is delayed, because if you remember, I didn’t get much sleep on Day One.  So I was falling asleep on and off starting at 8 p.m. last night after arriving in Denver.

Day Two was a mostly uneventful affair, thankfully, considering I am driving a Manatee across the country with three pets and generally am a basket case.


  1. This strange structure welcoming me to Kearney (pronounced Carny, according to the radio).  I had no idea Kearney was so grand.bridge
  2. Driving down I-80 and plowing through the box of chocolates one of my employees gave me as a going away present.  I’m sure my fellow travelers were feasting their eyes on the obviously single woman balancing the tell-tale big, red, heart-shaped box on the dashboard of a Manatee on the day after Valentine’s Day.
  3. Seeing mountains for the first time was pretty incredible.  As I mentioned in my Facebook Live, I have definitely seen mountains before, but I have never came upon them.  It is different flying into a place and the mountains are there, versus them gradually opening themselves up to you as you drive.  Amazing.
  4. I don’t want to jinx this, but Tuna is kind of getting used to traveling!  He was the biggest wild card of the entire trip, but after an initial bitch session, he settles in.  In fact, I had to shove my fingers into the kennel on Day Two and poke him to make sure he was still alive.  He was just sleeping.  Or holding a grudge.
In a decent mood, even when Chop is laying on him.

The only dicey moment was the final stop of the trip: Denver.  Why I thought it would be a good idea to navigate THE MANATEE into my hotel in DOWNTOWN DENVER during RUSH HOUR is just another example of how my decision fatigue is making me do crazy things. As I pulled up to my hotel, scenically located behind a very tall, probably not electrified, fence I was followed in by some of Denver’s finest.  Naturally I had a minor PANIC ATTACK, convinced that the Denver PD had been alerted that there was an emotionally unstable woman, covered in pets, driving a vehicle that is the transportation equivalent of the Peter Principle.  Turns out, it was a bogus 911 call.  Maybe it was the Lord himself calling my hotel to let them know I was arriving.

Day Two’s hotel was … not as nice, another reminder of an on-budget hotel in Lincoln, Neb. is FAR DIFFERENT from an on-budget hotel in Denver, Colo.  It’s a bit of a glorified motel and my room smelled like a post-coitus nightmare.  As my lovely college friend pointed out:

I just realized that last night you were next to the Valentine’s Sex Room and tonight you are in the Post-Valentine’s Sex Room.  Yumm.

I promise I love her.  Even though her next suggestion was to download Tinder.

But after walking the girls in downtown Denver I was able to calm down a little and convince myself that I was not going to be mugged and/or run over by the guy in the Camaro enjoying the Devil’s Lettuce in the intersection.  Then we all trooped back to the hotel room to polish off the box of chocolates (me), enjoy some bacon strips (the dogs) and watch A LOT of Food Network (everybody).

I think they had a contact high.

Thank Yous:

  1. To all of the people who called while I was driving — thank you!  Chatting with you broke up my day and made it go by so much faster.  And since I am moving to a place where I know literally nobody, it is no nice to feel connected to my people.
  2. To Mother Nature — this is the first time I have moved in good weather.  And this has been PERFECT WEATHER.  I have moved in snow, rain, and searing heat, but this most monumental move has been nothing but blue skies and unseasonably warm weather.  Hallelujah.
  3. To the front desk gal at my hotel who pegged me as a College Girl.  Bless your damn heart.

Today’s goal is to drive through the rest of Colorado and end up in Utah.  Looking forward to the most beautiful drive of the trip!  See you there-



One thought on “Day Two: Halfway there

  1. Kristian February 16, 2017 / 10:36 am

    I know it’s tempting to visit big cities, but I’d stop in smaller towns. Drive through Denver, don’t stop there. Drive through Vegas, don’t stop there. Stop in smaller towns.
    Just my advice.

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